“I’m ready for on-line services!” CHECKLIST:

Go To www.chbgy.org and click on “Register Online” to check the following:


____ My family* members are all “linked” in the Y’s database


Why?  By ensuring that all of your family* members are linked you will save precious time and lots of clicking because you will be able to “shop” for the whole family using only one “cart” and therefore have to log in and “check out” only once.  Whether you’re signing up Kevin for a swimming lesson, paying a camp balance for Katie or making a donation to the “Partners With Youth Campaign” you can do so all in one transaction, provided your family members are all linked.  After you log in, you will see a list of everyone who is linked to the family.  Please report any unlinked family* members to our member services desk.  Likewise, if someone has been linked to your family in error, please let us know as soon as possible.  (Children 23 years and older should no longer be linked to parents.)


____ The birthdates of all my family members are correct in the Y’s database


Why?  Two reasons.  First, when you log in for the first time, you will do so using your name and birthdate.  Second, many classes have age ranges set on them.  These settings will in some cases prohibit registration if the participant does not fall within the range by the day the program begins. Age restriction settings cannot be overridden when registering on line.  To ensure easy access and to avoid getting blocked from registration, please confirm the birth dates of all family members.


_____I have an e-mail address  


Why?  When you log in for the first time, you will be asked for an e-mail address and a password.  All subsequent visits to our registration site will require this information to log in.  Also, all on line transactions create a receipt that will automatically be e-mailed to the address entered.


_____I have logged in successfully at least once.


Why?  Opening day of registration is not the time to check it out for the first time.  Remember, many classes have limited space.  We encourage you to get familiar with the screens you will encounter so you can move through them quickly.  


_____My/our membership will not be expired when I attempt to register.


Why?  If the program requires membership in order to participate, the membership must be active and current in order to register.  Expiration date can be checked on the “My Information” page.


Please report all potential problems with your account to webinfo@chbgy.org or contact our Member Services Desk as soon as possible to ensure greatest ease of use of our on-line services.


* You do not need to have a Family Membership to be linked as family members in our system.  In fact membership status doesn’t matter when it comes to who should be linked.  Many people are in our database for a variety of non-membership related reasons.  Any combination of members/non-members should be linked if they are:


            ♦ parents and their children age 22 and younger

            ♦ siblings under the age of 22 if parents are not in the database

            ♦ husband and wife