How to Use the Online Registration and Payment Services


Before You Begin - What can be done online?

Our online system offers the following services for YMCA Members and Non-members alike:

v      Program Registration such as Camp, Swim Lessons, Sports Leagues, Fitness Programs and many more!

v      Make a one-time donation to the YMCA

v      Make a payment on an outstanding program balance (School Age Child Care Programs, Camp and Swim Team)


(Please note; you CANNOT sign up for a new YMCA membership or pay your existing membership online.)





Online Registration Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Log In
How to Choose a Program Category
How to Browse the Program List
How to Submit Payment
How to Submit the Registration 
How to Pay an Outstanding Program Balance 
Additional Notes and Contact Information


   (1)     Log in to Register

If you are already listed in our database:

ü        Type in your last name and first name.  Your password is your first initial, last initial, and your birthdate (no spaces).  For example, your password would be sj010975 if your name is Steven Jones and your birth date is January 09, 1975.  Note: the month, day and year should each be represented by two digits. If you are logging in for someone under the age of 18, the parent/guardian should use the initials and birthdate of the minor.  First name & last name will have to match exactly what our database holds, so if your name is Stephen and we have you in our database as Steve, it will not allow you to login unless you use “Steve”. Your membership ID card has your name printed exactly the same as we have in our database.

If you are not listed in our database:

ü        Please contact the Member Services Desk at 717-263-8508.  They will be able to add you to our database, which will enable you to use the Y’s online services.

Once you have successfully logged in, the next screen will list each member of your family that has been linked together in our database.  Click on the name of the person you wish to register for a program.  This will take you to the program search screen, with that person's name and an email address at the top of the screen.

If we don't have your current e-mail address:

ü        Click on the MY INFORMATION button at left.

ü        Enter in your email address that you want all registration confirmations/receipts to go to. 

ü        You may also change your password on this screen, if you wish. Note your new password will be in a secured server…do not use strange characters or spaces in the password, and it IS case sensitive so remember whether something is capitalized or not.

ü        Click on UPDATE INFO.  You may update your email or password at anytime and as often as you need to.

ü        A screen will come up showing you what information was updated. Click on CONTINUE to proceed back to the program search screen. 

You can now search and register for a program…

  (2)       Choose a Program Category

Once you have entered the Program Registration you may search using any combination of criteria

ü        Program Begin Date:  A list of available programs during a specific time period (month and year).  You may enter the same month in both blanks or you may enter a range of months.  These dates refer to when the program starts which might be different month and year as to when registration takes place.  

ü        Program Category:  You may search based on specific program categories from a drop-down list. Samples are listed below:
·  Active Older Adult Wellness  ·  Adult Leagues    · Preschool Aquatics ·  School Age Child Care

ü        Open Programs Only: Click this check-box to list only programs that are still accepting registration and are not full.

When you have entered in all the criteria, click on the green SEARCH button to begin your search.  Please be patient, it will take a few minutes to search through our extensive program list.

  (3)       Browse Program List

Once you have selected all of your criteria using the "Program Category" selections,  you will see a list of programs with the following info:

ü        a brief description of the program

ü        the fee for a Member or the fee for a Non Member, as applicable

ü        the date(s) that the program begins and ends 

ü        the time(s) the program begins and ends

ü        the day(s) the class is held

ü        how many slots still remain open

ü        if there are no slots available, the number of people on the waiting list

ü        last, but not least, the orange block with a check box is where you click to select that class.  You may check as many classes as you wish to register for, all at one time.  If the button is blue and says “browse only”, you need to login before you can chose a program or the program registration has either expired or not yet begun.  Just click the LOGIN button at the top left side of the page.

  (4)        Submit Payment Information

Once you have selected the program you want to register for you must enter your credit card information.

ü        You must first enter your credit card information, exactly as it appears on your credit card. Click on CONTINUE.

ü        You will now see the cost of the program and your credit card info…if you choose:

o         ADD TO CART will total the programs and allow you to "Continue" adding more programs

o         REGISTER to complete the registration process

o         DELETE the program you just registered for

o         BACK or LOGOFF to stop registration completely 


ü        If you choose ADD TO CART and then CONTINUE you can BACK UP and choose another member on your membership to register…so register the whole family in one shopping trip…you will not have to login or enter your credit card information more than once a trip.

  (5)      Submit Registration

Once you are sure that you want to register for all the programs selected:

ü        Click on REGISTER, you will complete the registration process and receive a confirmation on your screen for printing and you can choose to have it emailed to you for future reference.  Your credit card will be charged the Total that appears on the confirmation receipt.

(6)        Paying an Outstanding Program Balance

ü        Click on PROGRAMS/BALANCES to see a list of all programs you have registered for

ü        Click on BALANCE DUE for the program(s) you wish to make a payment for

ü        Click ADD TO CART to pay the full amount due or change the amount first to make a partial payment

(7)        Additional Notes/Contact Us

ü        Your registration will immediately update to our database at the Front Desk computers and be logged for the day…if you need to make any changes after you have confirmed your registration you will have to contact us at or contact the Member Services Desk to make the changes for you.

If you have a question about your login, password or registration procedures you may Email: and your question will be responded to within the next business day.